Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. IS THERE 24 HOUR SUPERVISION?  No. The Manor is an independent senior living facility.
  2. CAN I USE THE RANGE/OVEN TO PREPARE MY OWN MEALS OR BAKE?  No. Due to insurance regulations only the Cook/House Manager is allowed to use the stove. Residents may use the microwave at any time.
  3. WILL THE MANOR PREPARE FOOD TO MY PARTICULAR REQUIREMENTS? No. Meals are prepared for all residents. The Manor can not accommodate individual residents with special dietary restrictions.
  4. CAN FAMILY STAY OVERNIGHT? Yes. A visiting family member may stay overnight with the approval of the Manor Board.
  5. IS AN EMERGENCY FIRE NOTIFICATION SYSTEM IN PLACE AT THE MANOR? Yes. A 24 hour fire monitoring system protects The Manor and its residents.
  6. DOES THE MANOR HAVE AN EMERGENCY BACK-UP POWER SYSTEM? Yes. The Manor has a portable generator operated by a Manor Board member.
  7. MAY A RESIDENT HAVE A VEHICAL AT THE MANOR? Available parking is limited. The Manor Board will consider a vehicle on a case by case basis.
  8. CAN A RESIDENT HAVE THEIR OWN FOOD SUCH AS DRINKS, SNACKS, ETC’? Yes. There is a refrigerator designated for the residents. We suggest that the resident mark their items to avoid confusion.
  9. IS THE MANOR AIR CONDITIONED? Yes. Each suite has a window or floor air conditioner unit that is installed by a Manor Board member. The units are installed in May and taken out in September.
  10. WILL MY BELONGINGS BE INSURED? No. The Manor is not responsible for your personal belongings and recommends each resident purchase Renters insurance.
  11. HOW DO I APPLY? Application for residency is made by submitting 2 forms, a brief Application and Physician’s Report. The forms are available for download here:  Application for Residency       Physicians Report