The paid staff at The Manor consists of a Cook/House Manager whose responsibility is to prepare the noon meal, the 5:00PM supper, and to maintain a family atmosphere in The Manor. The Cook/House Manager also communicates with the resident’s family if there is a need or a concern about a resident.


  • The Cook/House Manager will prepare a healthy main meal at noon and a light supper at 5:00PM Monday thru Friday. On Saturday only the noon meal is provided.
  • On Sunday, a noon meal, prepared by the Cook/House Manager, is served by a volunteer family usually from the First Presbyterian Church. Warm interactions with the volunteers are enjoyed by both the volunteers and the residents.
  • Residents prepare their own lite meals on Saturday and Sunday from the food stocked in the kitchen.
  • Breakfast foods are also available for the residents to prepare in the mornings.
  • The Manor provides the usual foods for normal needs. If a resident requires a special item they may purchase it and store in the kitchen with their name on it.
  • Most importantly, the meal time is an opportunity for the residents to interact with one another in a true family environment. The residents look forward and enjoy their meals at the Manor.
  • Residents are encouraged to suggest menu items.
  • We do request that if a resident is not going to be attending a meal, the notify the Cook/House Manager 24 hours in advance.


  • The Manor prides itself in providing a safe environment for its residents. The facility is monitored by a fire, smoke and carbon monoxide alarm system. The system is monitored 24/7 and with the close relationship we have established with the Skaneateles emergency services, the residents are in good hands.
  • Each resident will have a key to their room as well as the exterior door. All doors have secure locks.
  • Doors are kept locked in the evening and provisions have been made with local emergency responders to gain entrance if the need arises.
  • The Manor regularly conducts fire drills to familiarize the residents with the evacuation plan in case of an emergency. Residents must be able to exit using the front staircase in case of a power outage in an extreme emergency.
  • In time of a power outage, the Manor has a backup generator which will operate the boilers, refrigerator and limited lighting. The generator will be operated by a Board Member.